Swim etiquette

  • Warm-up – please swim in a circular/oval pattern keeping the lane ropes or pool wall on your right hand side during warm-ups. This will allow latecomers to easily integrate into the practice. After warmup, if you are 1 swimmer you can swim up and down in the centre of the lane, or if you are 2 swimmers in the lane you can divide the lane in half and each take 1 side.
  • Swimmers per lane – lanes are made to be shared. Contrary to popular belief, you can in fact swim with more than two people in a lane! Please be respectful of the pool space allotted to each swim group, and the public. You can swim with more than 6 people in a 25m pool, and 10 in a 50m pool!
  • Speed – please swim in a lane with others that swim at a similar speed to you for the flow of the lane and to facilitate everyone’s training.
  • Turning and stopping in your lane – please turn in the centre of the lane. If you need to stop while other swimmers in your lane are swimming, please stop at the wall in a corner or along the lane rope.
  • Pull buoys and kick boards – when indoors, these swim tools are self-serve! Please take what you need and also put it away after practice.
    • At the outdoor pool your coach will bring this equipment on deck and return it to the storage cupboard.
  • Sunscreen – it is recommended that you use sunscreen when swimming outdoors. It is also more effective if the sunscreen is applied at home and has some time to penetrate your skin before entering the pool.
    • If you are applying sunscreen at the pool please be particularly careful with sunscreen sprays, assuring that no one else is being sprayed or are close to you while you are applying this type of sunscreen. Please do not use sunscreen sprays indoors within the Aquatic centre.